Let The Good Times Roll                                   

Here at Jagar, the good times never stop!

Big Heart And Even Bigger Ambitions

Hi there! Let us formally introduce ourselves; our names are Jai, Bree and Suma and we are the team behind Jagar Eyewear.

We are siblings born and raised on the Sunshine Coast, QLD, Australia, and all have a love for the beach, sunglasses and fashion.

Educated on keeping our eyes protected, we wanted to design sunglasses for the everyday wearer with a fashion-sense!

With a commitment to craftmanship and attention to detail, Jagar Eyewear has been hand-crafted using only the finest acetates and metals, coupled with lenses that provide 100% UV protection by the world-renowned leader in Optics, Carl Zeiss Vision.

No matter what the latest trend is or how fast we grow, our vision always remains the same – to inspire everyday sunglasses wearers to have the confidence to stand out from the crowd, by providing affordable fashion-forward sunglasses.                      

– Jagar Eyewear